1 – Creation – A Summary


God creates everything, including humans, who rebel against God and destroy God’s perfect creation. God judges them and the relationship between God and humans is broken. Sin and death enter the world.

Four major events

  1. Creation- God creates everything and it is perfect
  2. Fall – Humans rebel against God and death enters the word
  3. Flood- God sees sin increasing and judges the world – saving one family
  4. Tower of Babel – God mixes up human languages to stop a united humanity growing more sinful



Uncertain: The exact location of the Garden of Eden is not known. It is commonly thought to be in the Middle East, somewhere between Turkey and the Persian Gulf, in the area currently known as Iraq, Iran and Syria. The exact location is unimportant to the story of Creation. To see a brief discussion on the two most commonly believed locations see here.


  • Adam & Eve
  • Noah

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