10.1 Jesus Details

Provinces and Cities

The primary geographical area in the Gospels is the same as that which was ruled by the nation of Israel in the Old Testament. However, the land, now known as Palestine, is ruled by Rome and has been divided into sections, or provinces.


  1. The Province of Galilee Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the sea that shares its name, Galilee, is the province Jesus considered His home province. Both Nazareth, His early home, and Capernaum, His later home, are in Galilee. Hence the phrase “the man from Galilee.”
  2. The Province of Samaria Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, Samaria is home to Samaritans. Part Jewish, part Gentile people, they live in constant animosity with the Jews.
  3. The Province of Judea Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea, Judea is approximately the same area as the southern tribe of Judah in the Old Testament. Encompassing the city of Jerusalem, it is home to most of the Jews in the New Testament.
  4. The Province of Perea A long, narrow province on the east bank of the Jordan River, Jesus spent some concentrated time there with His disciples toward the end of His ministry.
  5. The City of Nazareth Located in Galilee just west of the Sea of Galilee, it is the town where Mary and Joseph lived, and in which Jesus grew up.
  6. The City of Capernaum Located on the very top of the Sea of Galilee, it is where Jesus called home during His ministry years.
  7. The City of Jerusalem Located in Judea, just off the top of the Dead Sea, it is the home of the temple, the holy city, and the center of activity for Jews.
  8. The City of Bethlehem The birthplace of Jesus, it is five miles southwest of Jerusalem.

Israel under Roman rule - annotated to show cities

An un-annotated version of the map can be seen here: https://biblestudy.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/10-Jesus-Israel-Under-Roman-Rule.jpg

Jerusalem at the time of Jesus