7.1 Exile Details


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Jeremiah Prophesies the Fall and
The Restoration of Jerusalem
Jeremiah 1:1-52:34
The Prophecies of Ezekiel Ezekiel 1:1-44:31
Babylon Destroys Judah and Jerusalem/ The Exile begins 2 Kings 25:1-30
The Lament over Jerusalem Lamentations 1:1-5:22

Yahweh’s holy Prophets Isaiah, Hosea, Amos, and Micah predicted Yahweh’s judgment would fall on an unrepentant Israel and Judah.  Please read Isaiah 7:17-20; 10:5-11; Amos 5:1-7, and Hosea 11:1-6.

Jeremiah’s Prophesies:

Jeremiah 1:11, 12 Branch of an almond tree God will carry out His threats of punishment
Jeremiah 1:13 Boiling pot tilting away from the North God will punish Judah with an invasion from the North
Jeremiah 13:1-11 A ruined linen belt Because the people refuse to listen to God they had become useless like a ruined linen belt.
Jeremiah 8:1-17 The Potter’s Clay God will destroy His sinful people He had created unless they repent before it is too late
Jeremiah 19:1-12 Broken clay jars God will smash Judah just as Jeremiah smashed the clay jars.
Jeremiah 24:1-10 Two baskets of figs Good figs represent God’s holy remnant.  Poor figs are the people left behind
Jeremiah 27:2-11 The Yoke A nation who refuses to submit to Babylon’s yoke will be destroyed
Jeremiah 32:6-25 The purchased field Yahweh commands Jeremiah to purchase a field in the city of Jerusalem just before the fall of the city as a sign that the people will return to their land
Jeremiah 43:8-13 The Large Stones The stones marked the place where the Babylonian king will set his throne when God allows him to conquer Egypt.
Jeremiah 51:59-64 The Scroll sunk in the river Babylon will also be judged by Yahweh and will sink and rise no more.


Book of Daniel

Notes the plans for the gentile nations contained within it.


FOCUS History of Daniel God’s Plan for the Time of the Gentile Nations God’s Plan of salvation for His Covenant people
SCRIPTURE 1:1——–2:1———-5:1———–6:1———7:1——–8:1——-9:1———12:13——-14:42
DIVISION Daniel’s  captivity and early years in Exile Vision of King #1 of Babylon Vision of King #2 of Babylon Decree of Darius the Mede Vision of the Four Beasts Vision of the Ram and Goat Vision of the 70 weeks/ prophecy of the Messiah Story of Susanna’s virtue/ story of Bel and the Dragon
TOPIC Daniel’s background Daniel Interprets Visions and Risks His life for His Faith Angels Gabriel and Michael Interpret Daniel’s Visions Daniel defends a daughter of Israel/God defends Daniel
LANGUAGE Hebrew Aramaic [the language of Assyria & Babylon] Hebrew
LOCATION CITY OF BABYLON under the Babylonian Empire BABYLON under the Persian Empire
TIME 606/5 BC – 536 BC