Bible Project

This site has video overviews of the Bible (O.T.  and  N.T. ) but also a series on HOW TO READ THE BIBLE Looking at plot, literary types, patterns, setting, character, history and tons more. A really good way to get into How to read the Bible :

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Meditation Techniques

Meditation: To think deeply, to reflect upon. Here are four meditation techniques. Some of these work better for some scriptures than others. Three of them do not require any materials and can be done anywhere (although it’s probably best to concentrate on driving and not scripture when you are in your car). When thinking about […]

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Supernova - Let there be light

Inspired Imagination Meditation

What is inspired imagination? Sometimes we miss the small details of a story because we skip over familiar details. Some times we let our culture and way of doing things get in the way of understanding. One way to get more out of the Bible passages is let your Holy Spirit lead imagination fill in […]

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Looking at a book with a magifying glass

Word Study Meditation

Overview A word study can be part of  Bible study (using specialised books and resources) BUT by using basic resources (like a dictionary or thesaurus)  you can meditate on scriptures. This will help you gain a deeper understanding, as well as improve your Bible memorisation. In the Word Emphasis Meditation technique, individual words were looked […]

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Psalm 139 Where can I hide? Even the night is as day to you O Lord

Picture Visualisation

Creative Imagery Some scriptures lend themselves to funny or memorable pictures and thoughts. By emphasising part of the scripture it can help you remember or understand it more clearly. Some people are more visual. This is is simlar to Word Emphasis meditation – but for those who are more visual. Use your imagination to pick […]

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Highlighted words - For God So Loved the world

Word Emphasis Meditation

How to use word emphasis meditation Go through a passage several times, putting emphasis on each word separately, and thinking about why that word is there and what it means in this passage. Think about what some common meanings for the word are. I find this works best when saying the complete passage out loud […]

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Ponder, picture, practise, personalise


Meditation is a word that makes people think about Bhuddist monks sitting chanting or Asian mystics sitting in weird poses for days. Currently the most common meaning for meditation invokes an image of emptying your mind or focusing on a sound or single point, losing yourself in mindlessness, thinking about nothing, emptying yourself. So what […]

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Meditate – Old Testament References

Definition: hâgâh, daw-gaw’; a primitive root (compare H1901); to murmur (in pleasure or anger); by implication, to ponder:—imagine, meditate, mourn, mutter, roar, × sore, speak, study, talk, utter. Translated as: to moan, growl, utter, muse, mutter, meditate, devise, plot, speak  (Qal) to roar, growl, groan to utter, speak to meditate, devise, muse, imagine (Poal) to […]

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Visualisation And Imagination

Visualisation is the process of using your mind to flesh out details in a story using facts and knowledge you already have. Visualisation involves you in thinking about what you have read and figuring out the who, what, why, when and where (5Ws) of a situation. As you focus on a story and think about […]

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